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Rhmannioside A,81720-05-0

Rhmannioside A,81720-05-0

If you are planning to wholesale tubeimoside i from one of the professional China tubeimoside i manufacturers and suppliers, please feel free to contact Baoji Herbest Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd.HR030187-----Rhm

Detailed description

If you are planning to wholesale rehmannioside a from one of the professional China rehmannioside a manufacturers and suppliers, please feel free to contact Baoji Herbest Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd.

HR030187-----Rhmannioside A

analytical standard     HPLC 98%



Rehmannioside A

Cas Number:81720-05-0
Molecular Formula:C21H32O15
Molecular Weight:524.47 

Chemical Name:


Appearance:off-white powder
Grade:analytical standard
Chemical Family:Saponin
Original:Rehm,annia glutinosa Libosch
Storage temp:2~8°C
Pack Size:20mg;100mg;1gram
Application:For laboratory research use only


1.Identification Of Ellagic Acid Rhamnoside As A Bioactive Component Of A Complex Botanical Extract With Anti-Biofilm Activity.

Fontaine BM, Nelson K, Lyles JT, Jariwala PB, García-Rodriguez JM, Quave CL, Weinert EE.


Staphylococcus aureus is a leading cause of hospital-acquired infections. It is listed among the top "serious threats" to human health in the USA, due in large part to rising rates of resistance. Many S. aureus infections---Read More.

2.Involvement of three putative glucosyltransferases from the UGT72 family in flavonol glucoside/rhamnoside biosynthesis in Lotus japonicus seeds.

Yin Q, Shen G, Chang Z, Tang Y, Gao H, Pang Y.


Flavonols are one of the largest groups of flavonoids that confer benefits for the health of plants and animals. Flavonol glycosides are the predominant flavonoids present in the model legume Lotus japonicus---Read More.

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