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Alisol B,18649-93-9

Alisol B,18649-93-9

Alisol B HPLC 98% CAS#:18649-93-9 M.F: C30H48O4 M.W: 472.70g/mol

Detailed description

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HA004027-----Alisol B

analytical standard     HPLC 98%



Alisol B

Cas Number:18649-93-9
Molecular Formula:C30H48O4
Molecular Weight:472.70g/mol


Chemical Name:


Appearance:white  powder
Grade:analytical standard
Chemical Family:Terpene alcohol ketone compounds
Original:the stem of Rhizoma Alismatis
Storage temp:2~8°C
Pack Size:20mg;100mg;1gram;10gram
Application:For laboratory research use only



1.Alisol B, A Triterpene From Alismatis Rhizoma (Dried Rhizome Of Alisma Orientale), Inhibits Melanin Production In Murine B16 Melanoma Cells.

Yoshida I, Ito C, Matsuda S, Tsuji A, Yanaka N, Yuasa K.


To develop new whitening agents from natural products, we screened 80 compounds derived from crude drugs in Kampo medicine in a melanin synthesis inhibition assay using murine B16 melanoma cells---Read More.

2.Antiproliferative activity of Alisol B in MDA-MB-231 cells is mediated by apoptosis, dysregulation of mitochondrial functions, cell cycle arrest and generation of reactive oxygen species.

Zhang A, Sheng Y, Zou M.


Previous studies have demonstrated that Alisol B has inhibitory activity in cancer cells. However, the exact mechanism through which inhibition is achieved is still poorly understood. In the present study---Read More.

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