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Beta-boswellic Acid,11-keto/17019-92-0

Beta-boswellic Acid,11-keto/17019-92-0

Beta-boswellic acid,11-keto HPLC 98% Cas#:17019-92-0 M.F:C30H46O4 M.W:470.69

Detailed description

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HB015102-----11-Keto-β-boswellic acid

analytical standard     HPLC 98%



11-Oxo-β-boswellic  acid

Cas Number:17019-92-0
Molecular Formula:C30H46O4
Molecular Weight:470.69


Chemical Name:11-Oxo-β-boswellic acid, 3α-Hydroxy-11-oxours-12-en-24-oic acid
Appearance:white   powder
Grade:analytical standard
Chemical Family:Triterpenoids compounds
Original:Boswellia carterii Birdw
Storage temp:2~8°C
Pack Size:20mg;100mg;1gram
ApplicationFor laboratory research use only



1.Absence Of 11-Keto Reduction Of Cortisone And 11-Ketotestosterone In The Model Organism Zebrafish.

Tsachaki M, Meyer A, Weger B, Kratschmar DV, Tokarz J, Adamski J, Belting HG, Affolter M, Dickmeis T, Odermatt A.


Zebrafish are widely used as model organism. Their suitability for endocrine studies, drug screening and toxicity assessements depends on the extent of conservation of specific genes and biochemical pathways between zebrafish and human---Read More.

2.Acetyl-11-Keto-β-Boswellic Acid Attenuates Prooxidant and Profibrotic Mechanisms Involving Transforming Growth Factor-β1, and Improves Vascular Remodeling in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats.

Shang P, Liu W, Liu T, Zhang Y, Mu F, Zhu Z, Liang L, Zhai X, Ding Y, Li Y, Wen A.


Vascular remodeling is an important complication of hypertension with oxidative stress-related profibrotic pathways involved. The transforming growth factor β1 (TGF-β1) has been shown to be a potential target---Read More.

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