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3alpha-Hydroxytirucalla-7,24-dien-21-oic Acid: A Triterpene From Protium Crenatum Sandwith.

Baoji Herbest Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 24, 2017

3alpha-Hydroxytirucalla-7,24-dien-21-oic acid: a triterpene from Protium crenatum Sandwith.

Mora AJ, Delgado G, Díaz de Delgado G, Usubillaga A, Khouri N, Bahsas A.


The crystal structure of the title compound, C30H48O3, a triterpene extracted from the resin of Protium crenatum Sandwith, is reported. The aliphatic acidic side chain is attached to the tirucallene four-ring system on its alpha-face and is extended by 7.248 (5) A in the 'left-hand' orientation.